Cody Young

Cody is a research scientist at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ and founder of an optical-chemical and device manufacturing company, Auma Laboratories in Seattle, WA. With an eclectic background suited for the diversity of challenges in oceanographic research, Cody is an optical device physicist with expertise is in experimental high energy lasers and photonic sensors. After receiving his bachelors degree from The Colorado College, Colorado Springs CO, Cody worked for Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL) on theoretical astrophysics. His work toward understanding such phenomena as neutron starquakes and dark matter microlensing are published in Nature.

Returning to graduate school at the University of Washington for his Master’s degree, Cody studied the interaction of light on microbial function. Specifically he examined the possible effects of light absorption by the centriolle, a sub-optical micro-organelle inside of Eukaryotic cells. After his first graduate degree, it was back to LANL to work for the Nonproliferation and International Security Division where he helped develop evolvable algorithms for the classification of satellite imagery and simultaneously published work on heliosiesmological implications on neutrino production by our Sun.

Returning to graduate school at the University of Washington, Cody received his PhD in experimental Physics where he used high energy lasers used to drive nonlinear interactions in materials to produce rare but important optical phenomena. His dissertation was on optical devices and sensors manufactured by a process known as Two-Photon Direct Writing.

Affiliation: ASU